Susan Smith CPT, FTS, SET

Susan Smith

Health, Fitness and Performance are my passion, but I don’t just train your body, I teach you how to integrate physical fitness and healthy eating into your everyday life. I will be your personal guide and help take the guesswork out of which exercises will bring the best results. I will also encourage and support your nutritional goals so that you have a well-rounded program to follow, and your transformation will be successful.

Susan is an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer, and Specialist in Exercise Therapy, as well as a NESTA Certified Functional Training Specialist, a TRX Certified Suspension Instructor, and member of Cannoli Racing.

Susan has been involved in athletics from a very young age. She enjoyed playing lacrosse for over 20 years, as well coaching the Women’s Lacrosse Team at Immaculata University.

She believes in year-round dynamic strength training intermingled with a structured weightlifting program and sound nutritional support.

Susan is now passing on her knowledge and experience to individuals of various levels of fitness to enhance their life, increase their performance levels, and make sense of nutrition timing as it pertains to their goals. Susan is not a licensed nutritionist, but believes that balanced nutrition is essential to strength training. She also focuses on injury prevention with all of her conditioning programs.

If you are looking for a trainer who is very well-rounded in her approach to exercise and who is easy to talk to, Susan is definitely the person to go to.

She is non-judgmental, she understands the effort that goes into fitness, and she takes into account any discomforting situations you might have like past injuries, and helps you through the process.Michael Hagan